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7 Best Social Media Content Ideas for Better Engagement (with Examples)

Not enough fresh social media content ideas to get new followers and clients for your business? If so, using interactive photo posts for better social media engagement is the best option for promoting your photography business, brand, or career in general.

Let’s explore a list of interactive social media post ideas for each major platform – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on. 

Visual Social Media Content & Its Impact on Engagement

Let’s check out a few quick facts photography posts to start using new social media posting ideas right away.

Images uploaded to social networking platforms are the most common content formats compared to plain text. In terms of the image’s impact on social media, it has been found that professionally taken photographs tend to attract more attention compared to photographs taken by amateur photographers. This is known through this empirical research into image content and its impact on social media interactions. A detailed LinkedIn study found that posting images and other visual content increased comments by 98% than simple text on the platform. Speaking of another social network, Instagram Stories will increase your engagement and help you engage deeper with your followers.

Staggering, right?

If you want to improve your social media posts, boost lead generation, and solidify your brand presence as an online photography business or individual, you need to pair your photos with compelling social media image posts. But to keep your posts interesting, you need to come up with various creative social media content ideas for posting images.

Top 7 Social Media Content Ideas You Can Use as a Photographer

1. Show Behind-the-Scenes of Your Photography

First on our list – behind-the-scenes images. You can create carousels or even post individual images about different activities and projects. You want to give your audience a glimpse of what they don’t typically get to see.

It can showcase the seriousness of your work, and can act as proof of credibility and authenticity. Use social media management tools to make the most out of it.

Here’s an example of a brand showcasing the hard work of their employees at their workspace. You can also post your work culture images to add variety to your content and engage with your audience.

Social Media Content Ideas for Better Engagement

Image source

2. Run a Photo Contest, Challenge or a Giveaway 

Another great way to boost your engagement rate is by running photography contests, challenges or giveaways. Give some practical advice or free photography training to selected individuals. Come up with some kind of challenge for your audience or hold a “Best Photo of the Month/Season” contest. These and many more social media content ideas will enhance your presence and engagement with your audience.

But remember, try to maintain the value quotient here. You don’t want to offer an undesirable giveaway that will make your followers skim your social media posts.

The following example demonstrates one of the photo giveaway ideas where a business page can encourage its followers to enter a photo contest.

Photography challenge on Facebook

Image source

3. Before and After Image Examples 

Another great idea is to add a before and after layout image. It can be helpful for you to promote your services, and make it easier for your prospects to understand your uniqueness in the industry.

You can use effective visuals and quality images to represent the impact your product or service has. There should be significant changes, so that audiences can spot the difference immediately.

As a photography brand, you can contrast the difference between an amateur photographer’s skills and your skills, or come up with a creative comparison to create an everlasting impression on your target audience.

Choosing the right images can help you increase your leads and it will help bump up your revenue numbers.

4. Ask Your Audience Questions

A great Q&A session can leave a positive impact on your social media engagement posts. You can address all your clients’ queries regarding photography services or other photography-related issues.

Here’s an example of a Facebook page asking its followers to attend a business conference. It helps users engage with the post and feel special. It shows that you care about your followers. You can also use the same type of Q&A image posts.

Q&A image post

Image source

5. Get Creative on Your Social Feed 

Try to add variety and colors to your social feed, and showcase your creativity to your audience.

You can use text, beautiful stock images, and other creative designs to present your message in a standout manner.

Once your audience feels that you’ve provided unique and valuable content, they’ll engage with your posts and social media pages.

Look at different creative trends in 2023 to have a brief idea of what will work on social media in the near future. Or take a look at new creative opportunities for photographers in 2022.

6. Make Memorable Memes

You can use trending memes and blend them with your photography business services to create funny content.

It will help you add a fun element to your brand. It’s good to change things up and not always be serious. You’ll become more relatable in the eyes of your followers, and you’ll also make their day a little better. 

Here’s how Ruffles used a trending meme to promote their product and gain engagement.

Social media meme example

Image source

7. Crosspost from other Social Platforms

You can post to Twitter or Facebook and repost to Instagram. It can help you convey the same message across platforms based on image or video content formats. It can also help you channel your followers from one social network to another, increasing your following across multiple platforms. 

  • Keep an eye out for new ways to expand your social media presence with a fast-growing channel like TikTok. Here are practical tips for creating unique TikTok content for photographers.

Wrapping Up 

Using the above-mentioned social media content ideas to boost your photography business is only part of it. You need high-quality images to base all your creative image post ideas. So how can you get high-quality and creative images for your social media posts?

You have three options: hire a photographer, take the photos yourself, or use stock images.

If you hire a team of photographers, it will affect your budget. And if you decide to take a few yourself, that might end up being too time-consuming.


Stock images are an ideal option for anyone looking to strengthen their image game.

Platforms such as Depositphotos offer royalty-free stock photos, vectors, music, and videos to cover all your social media needs. This is one of the best ways to deliver quality content. The best part – it’s cost effective and much less time-consuming than your other options.