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Social Network Branding: Tips and Advice on Design

Now, the presence of the brand in the social network is considered to be a must. An account on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is the official representation of a trademark. Therefore, each visual element should work to increase the reputation of the company. Branding will help in this.

What is an Account Branding, and Why is It Needed?

In 2018 Global Digital data showed that 4 billion people on the planet already have access to the Internet. At the same time, the most visited sites are social networks. For example, at the end of 2018, Facebook ratio exceeded to 1.4 billion users, and Instagram one – to 1 billion. So, the target audience of almost any business regularly or daily uses social networks. Do your customers visit the company’s official website every day? It is very unlikely. But you can see them in the social network much more often. Branding a social network is setting up and maintaining a profile using corporate design elements. It is also a certain style of publication and communication with the audience. All together allows you to solve such problems:
  1. Reputation management. Your official account will be the primary source of reliable information about the company. High-quality design of the profile will increase the level of trust in the audience.
  2. Extension of ratio. Implementing a marketing strategy will help increase the number of brand fans. Consequently, sales will increase (if such a task is set).
  3. Communication and increased loyalty. In the corporate profile, it is most convenient to work with questions, reviews, complaints. First, you will find out the real problems and needs of the target audience. Secondly, you can quickly respond to requests and increase the positive attitude of subscribers to the brand. If you want to be sure that you don’t overlook any message or comment, use a social media engagement tool
  4. The growth of influence in its niche. The company will be able to find new partners, customers, employees and even investors: it all depends on the goals laid down in the strategy of promoting a branded account.
  5. Improving the position of the site. If you periodically direct subscribers to the links to the pages of the company’s website, their attendance and (possibly) conversion rates will increase. It can be higher in Google search results.

How the Branding is Related?

Branding a social network is primarily the use of visual elements (profile picture, profile headers, photos and images for posts). According to the service, 65% of users remember the visual content better. And according to, 51% of B2B marketers prefer photos, infographics and videos. B2C marketers have the same opinion: Content with visual elements gets more views. And if this is complemented by elements of the corporate identity or other recognizable symbols, the profile will become recognizable.

How to Choose a Social Network for a Brand Account Registration

No need to brand and promote accounts in all popular social networks. It is expensive, complicated and not always reasonable. Use the tips below to choose 1-2 social networks:
  1. Consider the field of the business. Thanks to its large reach, Facebook is considered to be a universal platform. Companies working in the field of fashion and technology, selling accessories, creative projects need to register on Instagram. If the site or blog has a lot of interesting content – you can share it on Twitter.
  2. Collect statistics about traffic to your site. Google Analytics and other services show which social networks your users are most likely to use. Focus on them.
  3. Select the type of content that is convenient  for you to create. Instagram needs quality photos and short videos. Facebook audience will appreciate interesting stories and expert publications.
  4. Look in which social networks your main competitors promote their profiles.

How to Promote Business in Facebook

Use a relaxed, light tone – as if you communicate with well-known people whom you respect. Use advertising to attract an audience: without it, the growth of subscribers will be low.

The Peculiarities of Work in Instagram

Post quality and visible content regularly: photos and short videos. Choose the right hashtags: use the name, geographic location (if necessary), popular subject words and phrases.

How to Succeed in Twitter

Subscribe to brands and personal accounts – many of them will subscribe in response. Publish important information: interesting facts about the company, news about discounts, links to blog articles. Work with subscribers: comment and answer questions. Retweet people who shared positive feedback about you.

The Right Design of the Social Network Profile: Why is It Important

The design of a social network should create an integral image of a successful company that you can trust. To do this, you need to work out the basic elements of a branded page:
  • logo – used to identify the profile, duplicated in each post. It is better to place your logo (only a symbol, without inscriptions) there. If this is a personal branded account – you need a portrait on a neutral background;
  • profile picture (relevant for Facebook, Twitter). Use it to inform subscribers: post the slogan and company contacts there. Or change images by placing relevant announcements, news about discounts;
  • content. It must comply with the design concept of the social network (this applies to the recommended sizes and formats). Make it recognizable: create a special presentation style. Stick to a single color palette of photos. Process all images in 1-2 selected filters. Use one font. Complete all visual content with a watermark in the form of a logo.
Be sure to check how your page looks on the screen of a computer, tablet, and smartphone. Are all elements visible? Are the images not distorted? Is the information easy to read? Do links and buttons work?

How to Design an Account: 3 Useful Services

Logaster Logo Builder

Online generator of the main elements of a branded account: logo for a profile picture and a header. To use, you do not need designer skills: specify only the name, slogan and color scheme (optional). The service will offer dozens of unique options. The selected logo can be downloaded on a transparent background (for a watermark), as well as in the form of ready-made pictures for the profile pictures and headers in suitable sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


It is a publication planner with high-quality photo editor, ready-made templates and filters for posting on Instagram. Additionally it has an excellent analytics system aimed at business customers.


A huge number of photo filters, an image editor, tools for planning feed on Instagram, a publication planner, a tool for working with hashtags – it is not even close to the complete list of service features.


Maintaining a brand profile in a social network is an opportunity to increase recognition, loyalty and business performance. To achieve these results, provide a unique and recognizable account design. You need to choose a social network that is convenient for your target audience. Create content responsibly, ensure regular publication. And do not forget about a single style: this applies to design, text, topics of publications.